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15 Delicious Meals using Canned Tuna

4.  Fagioli E Tonno (White bean and tuna salad) somehow everything sounds better in Italian!

This recipe uses dried cannellini beans but you can substitute with canned beans because where there’s a can of tuna there is often a can of beans.  This traditional Italian dish makes great use of these two pantry staples.  Check out the recipe here.


5.  Tuna Pasta with Rocket and Parsley Pesto

In searching for tuna recipes we came across a lot of pasta.  No wonder I guess as they are both affordable pantry staples that lend themselves well to family meals.  This is fresh, vibrant and based on spirals which kids love.  Here is the recipeNote rocket is arugula.

6.  Tuna Sweetcorn Burgers

Tuna sweetcorn burgers


Another great family recipe from the BBC Good Food Team.  Has the bonus of extra veggies in the pattie with the addition of sweeetcorn.  Check out the recipe here.


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