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16 Pegan Recipes – where Paleo Meets Vegan

It’s the new way of eating, taking the best of the Paleo diet and combining it with the best of a Vegan diet.  The emphasis is on plenty of plants, healthy fats, some whole grains and protein from grass fed or wild meat, fish and chicken.  It is typically dairy and gluten free but way less extreme than either a Paleo or Vegan diet. Actually it’s sounding a lot like Michael Pollan’s mantra – eat food, not too much, mainly plants.  You can find out more out the Pegan (or does Vegeo sound better) diet here.

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1.  Roasted vegetable salad with garlic dressing and toasted pepitas



2.  Sharwarma chicken bowls with basil lemon vinaigrette



3.  Crowd pleasing vegan caesar salad

(including how to make nut and seed parmesan cheese, which I did not know was a thing, and roasted chickpea croutons).




4.  Teriyaki salmon




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