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17 Cool, Quenching Summer Drinks

7.   Vodka and Lime Spritzer with Fruit Ice Cubes

Fruit ice cubes make any drink look summery and gorgeous.  Recipe for this cocktail here.  And how to make the ice cubes below…





Before continuing with lovely photos a word on mixing the perfect summer cocktail from those who know….

Try pureeing fresh fruit (peaches work well) before lengthening, or muddling your base ingredients like you would with a cocktail; use crushed ice to lengthen and chill drinks and experiment with flavours,try squeezing the oil from citrus zest over the top of drinks and onto the rims of glasses.

More words of wisdom here.

8.  Basil Ginger Drop

This fragrant stunner was developed after trying something similar in a Shanghai bar.  Pop on John Denver’s Shanghai Breezes, take a sip and you’re off to the exotic East.  Recipe here.


9.  Sangria Flora

A little more classic.  Recipe here.


10.  Ginger Lemon Fizz *

Tired of soft drinks?  This homemade version is the perfect replacement.  Recipe here.




11.  Cardamom and Berry Smash

I love cardamom and I love gin so for me this is a very happy thing.  Recipe here.


12.   Cucumber and Honeydew Freeze

Cucumber makes this delicious and refreshing.  A grown up slushy really!  Recipe here.



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