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17 Cool, Quenching Summer Drinks

13.   Mango Lassi *

Cooling and refreshing – perfect with spicy food or as a summer afternoon treat.  Recipe here


14.  Watermelon Slush *

Three ingredients and a blender – what could be easier?  Recipe here.




15.  Grapefruit and Ginger Spritzer

With it’s pastel prettiness and teeny sprig of mint this seems like a very ladylike drink.  Ought to be enjoyed while wearing a gorgeous floral dress!  Recipe here.


16.  Cucumber Lemonade *

Does this count as a vegetable?  Either way a cool thirst quencher!  Recipe here.




17.  Flavored Water *

At the risk of stating the obvious don’t forget it’s easy to make gorgeous jugs of flavored still or sparkling water using fruit, herbs, vegetables and cool ice cubes.



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