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18 Cool and Clever Halloween Costumes


11.  Duck Dynasty

Camo vests, fake beards and bandanas, you and your buddies are good to go.


12.  Double Vision

Another fabulous, unexpected Halloween makeup job.   Love it!  Full tutorial here.




13.  Soap and Loofa

Nothing says “we take a bath together” quite like going to a Halloween party as a cake of soap and a loofa!


14.  Downton Abbey  Really, Downton Abbey not a costume inspired by ….

Do you suppose when he said to his wife “let’s go as Downton Abbey” she thought, “fantastic – who doesn’t look great in 20’s style”?

This is a biggie and as it is the last season of Downton Abbey this year maybe one worth contemplating.  Are you brave enough? Click here to see how it was done.





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