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20 All Natural Food Recipes for Vegetarian Families

October is World Vegetarian Month so it is a great time to do your family and the planet a favor with these simple, delicious all natural food recipes for vegetarian families (or even families who just want a healthier way of eating).  Good vegetarian meals are highly nutritious and a great way to boost energy naturally.

  1.  Beetroot Tarte Tartin

Who knew…. vegetarian French food?  A delicious twist on a French classic.  My kids love this and I’m sure other families will too.  Recipe here.


2.  Cauliflower Based Pizza

If you are choosing to avoid grains or are gluten free, cauliflower makes a great pizza base and has the advantage of adding another serve of vegetables.  Simple, tasty recipe here.


3.  Fig and Walnut Spaghetti

A gorgeous celebration of fresh figs and walnuts.  Not only looks stunning but is a mouth-watering combination of all natural foods from Fall.   Recipe here.




4.  Keralan Veggie Curry with Poppadoms, Rice and Minty Yoghurt

Simple, quick and fragrant – perfect family food.  Recipe here.



5.  Flatbreads with Tomato and Avocado

A simple, fresh, vibrant veggie lunch.  Charred flatbread straight from the grill or pan – what could be better!  Recipe here.





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