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20 All Natural Food Recipes for Vegetarian Families

11.  Ultimate Veggie Burger

There are many vegetarian burger recipes out here in cyber space but this one deserves it’s title of the ultimate veggie burger recipe.  It avoids the common veggie burger pitfalls of being either too soggy or too dry, has loads of flavor and could just about convert hardened meat eaters.  Recipe and how to video here.



12.  Moroccan Vegetable Tangine

With a mixture of sweet (from dried fruit) and spicy a tangine works well for families.  This tangine is simple, delicious and full of vegetables and nuts for a natural energy boost.  Recipe here.



13.  Greens and Walnut Quiche

More vegetarian French food from a Parisian kitchen.  Packed with super healthy, delicious greens in a simple olive oil pastry.  Yummm.  Recipe here.




14.  Black Bean Quesadillas

From France to Mexico for quesadillas, a much loved quick and easy family meal.  Recipe here.



15.  Chipotle Tempeh Tacos with Peach Salsa

Sticking with Mexican family food, this taco is a great way to introduce the family to tempeh a highly nutritious, fermented soybean food from Indonesia.   Fermented foods are the new “in” food and they can be quite intimidating to use if your are unfamiliar with them.  Using tempeh with the sweet, spicy salsa and tacos gives a very family friendly taste.  Recipe here.





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