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21 Delicious, Easy Paleo Snacks

Who hasn’t heard of the Paleo diet?  While it may have risen to fame with cross fit junkies these days it is practically mainstream.   Millions of people are now avoiding grains, dairy foods, refined sugar and processed foods while eating plenty of vegetables, meat and other protein rich foods, fat, berries and seeds.  But even while on a health kick we all enjoy a little treat and some snacks.  These 21 recipes are ideas for both delicious paleo occasional treats and yummy everyday snacks….. Bon Appetite!

1.  Sea salt almond crackers

Delicious, savoury and not a grain in sight.  Here’s the recipe.


2.  Beet Chips


While a little tricky to make as they can burn easily these gorgeous beet chips are super good for you and a delicious everyday snack.  Recipe here.


3.  Paleo Trail Mix

Commercial trail mixes often are not suitable for Paleo follower.  try making your own with this recipe.



4.  Fruit Roll-Up

Fruit roll ups can be a good opportunity to get more berries into your diet.  We like this recipe as it doesn’t rely on a dehydrator.


5.  Coconut and Ginger Energy Balls

Energy balls, bliss balls, call them what you will, are a very simple, extremely delicious Paleo snack.  Recipe here.


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