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21 Delicious, Easy Paleo Snacks

6.  Kale Chips


Not the most original idea for Paleo snacking but we think we have found the best recipe for getting it right every time.  No more burnt, bitter bits!  Recipe here.


7.  Pumpkin and Spice Granola Three Ways

One batch of delicious granola – three recipes…. bars, balls (dipped in chocolate) and of course breakfast.  Yummmmm.  Recipe here.



8.  Paleo Ice cream

Just because you’re Paleo doesn’t mean you have to miss out.  Frozen bananas are the base for all sorts of icy treats.  Recipe here.


9.  Spiced Nuts

Did you know you can snack on a handful of nuts without gaining weight – surely the perfect snack – great tasting, healthy and no weight gain!!  Spicing them up adds a little interest.  Recipe here.



10.  Egg muffins with onion, salami and halloumi

We know…..halloumi is a dairy food.  However for those you are maybe a little less strict on your diet and use sheep and goat cheese this is a great recipe and if you’re holding the line there are suggestions for substituting the halloumi.  Recipe here.

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