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21 Delicious, Easy Paleo Snacks

11.  Eggplant Jerky

We find the idea of turning a vegetable into something almost meat like fascinating.  Eggplant jerky makes the most of the meaty texture of eggplants.  A great way to add more vegetables to your diet.  Recipe here.


12.  Sweet potato crisps

Again not a terribly original idea but we’re thinking you can’t have too many recipes for good vegetable chips.  Recipe here.



13.  Graham Crackers

Missing ‘smores?  Here’s a great recipe for grain free Graham Crackers.


14.  Cauliflower Popcorn

Another Paleo staple but always worth looking at ways to do it better.  Recipe here.



15.  Copycat Chocolate Chip Larabars

Here’s a recipe for delicious homemade Larabars.  Yummm.

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