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21 Delicious, Easy Paleo Snacks

16.  Babaganoush

Delicious, tangy eggplant dip.  This is a great recipe and it you’re interested in the origin of the perfect babaganoush recipe it is worth reading the whole article.  Note aubergine is eggplant!


17.  Bacon wrapped dates

Wrapped around prunes these would be called devils on horseback.  Still a great treat using dates.  Recipe here.



18.  Ants on a logtumblr_mewickiiDS1ro9rq7o1_500

No recipe needed here.  Just spread a nut butter in celery sticks and top with a few pieces of dried fruit.  Sultanas or currants look particularly ant like.


19.  Seaweed Crisps

Light and crunchy.  Not particularly filling but sometimes it’s all about texture and taste.  Recipe here.



20.  Banana Chips

The perfect on the go snack – light, crisp, great tasting and a little bit sweet.  Recipe here.


21.  Smoothie

No list of Paleo snacks would be complete with smoothies.  Here’s a great selection

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