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Coffee Cup Graphics To Make You Smile

Coffee Cup Graphics To Make You Smile

Who knew a disposable coffee cup was the perfect medium for celeb portraits and cartoons?  Bulgarian, Lyubomir Dochev is taking Instagram by storm with his incredibly clever celebrity portraits on Starbucks cups while Josh Hara, clearly a coffee addict, creates hilarious cartoons.  So sit back and enjoy these stunning pictures on coffee cups. British Vogue


20 Times the Job Went Wrong!

You’d like to think you could rely on people to just get the job done.  We’ve got 20 examples of where it all went wrong. Do as I say not as I do!   2.  Why use one word when three would do?   3.  You’ll never get the job done on this…    

touching note from I wish my teacher knew

I wish my teacher knew……

When a 3rd grade teacher asked her students to write her a note telling her things they wished she knew, the answers were touching, sad and also funny.  She started tweeting under #iWishMyTeacherKnew and soon other teachers were tweeting their own I wish my teacher knew snippets.  Here are some of them…. 1. Math is hard Yes