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Coconut sugar

Avoiding sugar? 6 facts about natural sugar substitutes

Avoiding sugar? 6 facts about natural sugar substitutes

Natural sugar substitutes are very popular as we rush to quit sugar and improve health but are they all a good choice?   1. Honey Widely available, honey is the original sugar and now one of the most popular sugar substitutes.  Honey is approximately 80% sugar so can easily act as a sugar substitute in

Aspargus is a great feel good food

Nine Foods To Boost Your Mood

Nine everyday foods (well, really 8 everyday and one luxury) that have been proven to improve mood. 1.  ASPARAGUS That gorgeous spring treat asparagus not only lifts your mood because you associate it with spring and all it’s possibilities but also because it is a good source of the B vitamin folate.  Like magnesium, folate

Poached Egg

Food Techniques – All things EGG

Want to know how to separate, boil, poach, fry, scramble, or whisk the whites of eggs?  Check out the BBC’s food technique videos. To boil eggs …… Always start with eggs that are at room temperature to best predict the cooking time and minimise cracking. For a soft-boiled egg, lower the egg into gently