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How to Eat to Be Healthy in Winter

2.  Red Meat

Red meat is a good source of zinc and iron, minerals important in building a strong immune system. When it comes to meat serving size is important, you will get all the health benefits from a serving the size of a deck of cards three times a week. Or you can think of how it looks on your dinner plate, the meat should take up no more than a quarter of your plate. As a rule of thumb the redder the meat the higher the iron level.

There is some evidence having plenty of zinc within 24 hours of getting a cold MAY reduce the symptoms.





3.  Legumes, nuts and seeds

Not everyone eats meat regularly so it’s worth considering non-meat foods containing zinc.

Legumes like beans, lentils and chickpeas along with nuts and seeds are extremely economical, nutritional powerhouses that can be a good source of zinc. However they are also high in phytates which bind with zinc to make it less available. With pulses you can counteract this by using canned legumes, the canning process lowers phytate levels even more than soaking and boiling, the other method recommended to reduce phytates. Adding a can of beans or lentils regularly to soups in winter will help keep bugs at bay. But even easier, if you’re in a hurry are baked beans on toast.





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