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How to Eat to Be Healthy in Winter

4.  Vitamin C rich fruits and vegetables


Vitamin C Rich Foods

Vitamin C is another nutrient important to building good immunity. Almost everyone can point to oranges as a good source of vitamin C but there are many other fruits and vegetables available all year around that are also rich in vitamin C. Each day you should aim to have 40mg/day for men and 30mg/day for women, looking at the table below you can see you can do this easily without resorting to supplements.

Note smokers need to double the recommended amount of vitamin C.

Contrary to some thinking there is no evidence very high doses of vitamin C will prevent colds in fact mega dosing may actually do harm.


fruit / vegetable vitamin C in average serve (mg)
1 cup frozen blueberries 16
1 kiwifruit (green) 79
1 kiwifruit (gold) 93
1 cup canned pineapple 28
1 orange 46
1 cup rhubarb 19
1 cup broccoli 53
5 brussels sprouts 41
1 red bell pepper 126
1 green bell pepper 74
1 cup cauliflower 76
1 red kumara 30
1 tbsp parsley 6
1 cup frozen peas 41
1 cup canned tomatoes 20
1 tomato 30
1 cup baked pumpkin 41
1 cup silverbeet / spinach 27






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