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It’s Fall. 18 Reasons to be Glad

The end of summer is a bittersweet time so here are 18 reasons to remind you why it is actually OK fall is here.  Looking back at summer remember as the very wise Dr Suess says “don’t cry because it’s over, be happy because it happened”.

1.  Migrating birds

How cool is it that you can look up and see birds heading off on a journey of thousands of miles to the southern hemisphere?


2.  Sleeves

Don’t underestimate this one – after months of showing off more flesh than you are comfortable with just to stay cool it is so good to be able to cover up a bit and look good.  Yay for sleeves!


3.  Boots

Cool fall boots

In the same vein as sleeves…. aren’t you secretly pleased to get boots back on?



4.  Pies

Apple pie, pumpkin pie… any pie really.  Even the colors are reminiscent of fall.  Here’s a fabulous recipe for a stunning old fashioned apple pie from Martha Stewart.


5.  A better night’s sleep

Less heat, less humidity = much better sleep (and no need for the incessant hum of air con).


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