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Nine Foods To Boost Your Mood



Maybe the reason we all feel sooooo good after Thanksgiving is not just loving Mom’s turkey but is because turkey contains an amino acid called phenylalanine which can be converted in the brain to the “feel good” neurotransmitter dopamine. (This is also true for other animal protein but we particularly like turkey and any excuse to eat more!)

Ways to include turkey – burgers, meatballs, salad, sandwiches, pot pie………



While not quite an everyday food Oyster are great to add to your diet when you can.  They are a mood boosting food because they are high in zinc.  Lack of zinc has been shown to trigger feelings of depression and depressive behavior.  Zinc has also been shown to be a useful part of treating depression.

Was to include oysters – for most people just in the half shell is fine but a few other ways are; soup, battered and fried, grilled or broiled……..



Dark chocolate, the ultimate feel good food.   It makes us feel good for two reasons.  Firstly dark chocolate contains compounds which raise endorphin levels in our brains.  Endorphins make you fell great, they are also created during intense exercise.  Dark chocolate also contains compounds which increase serotonin levels in our brain – adding to the mood boosting factor.  BUT like all chocolate, dark chocolate is high in calories so remember only a few pieces.

No tips on how to add it to your diet – We think everyone can think of plenty of ways!






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