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18 Cool and Clever Halloween Costumes

18 Cool and Clever Halloween Costumes

  It’s Halloween again!!  Never mind the candy, who doesn’t love the chance to dress up for a night.  Doesn’t matter if you go for Dollar Store Halloween costumes, are more a make my own costume kinda gal or prefer something more upmarket, we’ve got an idea for everyone.  Funny Halloween costumes for girls and boys, funky

touching note from I wish my teacher knew

I wish my teacher knew……

When a 3rd grade teacher asked her students to write her a note telling her things they wished she knew, the answers were touching, sad and also funny.  She started tweeting under #iWishMyTeacherKnew and soon other teachers were tweeting their own I wish my teacher knew snippets.  Here are some of them…. 1. Math is hard Yes

Migrating birds

It’s Fall. 18 Reasons to be Glad

The end of summer is a bittersweet time so here are 18 reasons to remind you why it is actually OK fall is here.  Looking back at summer remember as the very wise Dr Suess says “don’t cry because it’s over, be happy because it happened”. 1.  Migrating birds How cool is it that you

fantasy of school shopping vs reality

8 New School Year Resolutions

The kids are going back to school and just like New Year it is a time for resolutions…. this year will be different.  Just like New Year (except for the super moms) give it a week!  We check out back to school aspiration vs reality. 1.  This year everyone will have a healthy breakfast Aspiration

Soup can planters

Have Fun and Do the Planet a Favor – Reuse with Style

We’re over run with recycling, landfills are screaming no more!  So do the planet a favor and reuse some the most common recycled items – cans and milk bottles.  You’ll have fun and maybe even add something cool to your environment. As we are talking about going green let’s start with the garden… (click on links