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The Art of the Record Cover – 20 Iconic Designs

Once records or albums were treasured as much for their fabulous covers as for the music inside.  While record cover art was definitely on the way out with the rise CD it is all but dead with the advent of the download.  We look back at 20 of the most iconic and some of the stories behind them.

  1.  Grace Jones Island Life

Apart from anything else this is a magnificent image of a human body that is almost physically perfect.  Many have wondered how Grace Jones could have posed like this – the picture below explains all.  The final image is actually a compilation of different shots seamlessly merged to make one great pose.


2.  Breakfast in America – Supertramp

Very clever design showing Manhattan viewed from the window of a plane with all the high-rises, skyscrapers and other buildings made from the packaging, crockery and cutlery of breakfast.  Battery Park is actually a plate of breakfast!


3.  The Velvet Underground and Nico

The best thing about this iconic album art is the banana skin could actually be peeled back to reveal a pink/flesh colored banana underneath.  Fantastic pop art, probably worth a fortune if you’d held on to it!

4.  Homogenic – Björk

This looks so perfect and composed it almost seems like a painting but it is actually Björk posing in a “tableau” created by Alexander McQueen (before he was also a megastar).  Here’s what Björk had to say about it in Rolling Stone … “I had 10 kilos of hair on my head, and special contact lenses and a manicure that prevented me from eating with my fingers, and gaffer tape around my waist and high clogs so I couldn’t walk easily…….I wanted to put all the emotion of the album into that image.”  

5.  Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band – The Beatles

Perhaps the most famous cover art of them all, featuring not only the Beatles but also great characters from the present and from history including movie stars, cultural icons, politicians and artists and scientists.  




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