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The Art of the Record Cover – 20 Iconic Designs


6.  Wake up and smell the coffee – The Cranberries

Cranberries bouncing on a beach – a simply stunning graphic and one of our favorites.


7.  Ogden’s Nut Gone Flake – Small Faces

The Small Faces were unique in packaging this record in a giant tobacco tin with this fabulous art-work on the lid.  Truly original album cover graphic design.


8.  America IV; The Man Comes Around – Johnny Cash

This was done late in Johnny Cash’s career when he was aware of his mortality. It is almost as if the Man in Black was preparing to fade to black himself.

9.  Ramones – The Ramones

According to the photographer this was not an easy image to capture but in the end this cover is the epitome of punk; gritty, anti-estabishment, half starved and ultimately cool.  Often immitated.  

10.  Born in the USA – Bruce Sprinsteen

In the same way the Ramones photo perfectly captured punk this image perfectly captures Bruce Springsteen – all American working guy.  Absolutely iconic.  




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