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The Art of the Record Cover – 20 Iconic Designs


16.  Abbey Road

This iconic photo has spawned thousands of conspiracy theories and inspired millions of photographers from weddings to tourists to copycat works of art.


17.  Dangerous – Michael Jackson

with symbols translated below


18.  The Number of the Beast – Iron Maiden

This cover was done over the weekend as a bit of a rush job with the artist thinking it was intended for a single and the rest as they say is history.  Despite the artist feeling the painting doesn’t really work, the band loved it, stuck it in a cupboard to be used for the upcoming album and requested another piece for the original single.

19.  Sticky Fingers – The Rolling Sones

What makes this record cover so special is that originally the zip was real.  You could unzip the fly to find white cotton men’s briefs underneath.  The Rolling Stones lips and tongue image on the back just adds to the Rock and Roll cool.  

20.  London Calling – The Clash

Who knew The Clash were inspired by Elvis – but there you have it.  There is quite a story to the guitar smashing photo, taken at the London Palladium – in the words of guitarist Paul Simonon here it is…. “The Palladium had fixed seating, so the audience was frozen in place.  We weren’t getting any response from them, no matter what we did. I’m generally good-natured, but I do bottle things up and then I’m like a light switch, off and on, and it can be quite scary, even for me, when I switch, because it’s very sudden. Onstage that night I just got so frustrated with that crowd and when it got to the breaking point I started to chop the stage up with the guitar.”  




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